The weather forecast for Sunday’s Daytona 500 hasn’t changed much in the last forty-eight hours. The forecast continues to show a chance of scattered rain showers and even an isolated thunderstorm for Sunday afternoon.

DO WE RACE SUNDAY? Yes, I think we race Sunday and it is official meaning we don’t race on Monday. That could also mean a rain shortened race, but at this point I am still around 70% confident we see a complete Daytona 500.

WHAT ARE THE ODDS WE HAVE A TOTALLY RAIN FREE RACE? This is a little harder to answer. It’s possible but based on the forecast I’d say the odds of a totally rain free race is somewhere between 30% and 40%.

WILL WE SEE ANY RAIN DELAYS? Anytime rain is in the forecast for a NASCAR race there is absolutely a possibility of a delay. I think at least one delays is very possible. It comes down to where will all the rain showers and thunderstorms develop and where will the move once they form? We won’t know that until they show up on radar. As you will see me say many times this NASCAR season, “It’s not the rain you see you need to worry about it’s the rain you don’t.”

WHAT’S MONDAY’S FORECAST? I honestly don’t think there is a need for this forecast but people have asked so I thought I’d mention it. It looks about the same as Sunday. Scattered showers and possible thunderstorm.

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