Unlike Vegas where we got the rain out of the way early, rain could be a problem for Saturday and Sunday at Bristol Motor Speedway.

Cold front drops in from the north Saturday into Sunday and then stall over the Tennessee Valley. This will provide the focusing mechanism for the development of scattered showers both days. I don’t like the looks of this forecast but I am not calling it a wash. The odds of this being a wash at this point is about 45%. I will be tracking the rain and developing rain this weekend. Definitely feel like we will have delays Saturday and Sunday thanks to to rain. If I was going I’d still go, prepare for the worst by bringing my rain gear and hoping for the best.

The images above are the current computer models for Sunday afternoon. As you can see through eastern Tennessee there is a lot of green representing rain. Rain is definitely in the forecast and should have some impact on weekend activities. Like I said above, I am not calling this a wash but rain gear this weekend is a must

Conditions in Bristol, TN:
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