FORECAST UPDATE SUNDAY 5:00 p.m. EDT (9/2/2012):

Scattered rain showers and a few thunderstorms could make people nervous tonight as the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series races at Atlanta Motor Speedway. I don’t expect this to be a washout and like we’ve seen all weekend with rain in the forecast most of the time has been dry and should remain that way through the race.

The radar all afternoon has been showing scattered to isolated showers and storms through out central and northern Georgia. Most of the activity this afternoon has not been a threat to the track but with all the tropical moisture in place can’t leave out the mention of a shower or storm potentially being a problem later this evening.

Do I think it’s going to be a wash? No, but a delay is possible and the likelihood of that is around 40%.

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What do I mean when I use the word “scattered?”

Imagine you have a bag of marbles and you dump the marbles on the floor. What do the marbles do, they scatter all over the floor. You can’t predict where the marbles will land all you know is they will stop at random points on the floor. That’s similar to the rain showers we can expect this weekend. Hard to know where a rain shower will form but if showers and storms start to form then the threat of a shower or storm hitting the track increases and the radar needs to be watched.

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